Check Out This Scholarship Winning Tips For 2021

Searching to secure a scholarship to pursue your studies in Nigeria or abroad, as an undergraduate or postgraduate student?

Here are the details you need to know.

There are tips you should be grounded with when it comes to desiring your application to come out successful. It will not come easy but through Herculean striving, hard work proactiveness, and perseverance.



Perhaps, you are wane and seriously searching for a scholarship to pursue your studies, it might probably not come as scholarship offers that will interest you, the simple truth is searching the internet to search for the ones that soothe your taste.

It is hard looking for a scholarship, but you have to go that way, just keep in with all the juicy updates of scholarship offers in Nigeria and abroad.

Simultaneously, There might be more than one opening that interest you. You just need to make a list of all these opportunities, jotting notes of their deadlines so you won’t miss a grand opportunity, and to ensure you apply with the specified timeline. At that time, you need to keep all vital documents intact in case something comes up

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Applicants hasty, eager to send their application once they see a grand opportunity of scholarship that interest them.

You need all the vital instructions that you want to apply, like its specifications: eligibility, requirements, application guidelines, etc.

If you do not apply in what they want, you have only succeeded in making the selection process easier because your application simply won’t count.

Making our time to scrutinize the instructions as well as terms and conditions of every scholarship offer before sending in your application.

If you need to clarify something, then, east check the emails or phone numbers attached to the scholarship publication, meanwhile, you can also reach out to the sponsors of the scholarship for clarity.

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You know when you apply for a scholarship, you are actually applying for a job, a full-time job. This means that your indications in the scholarship letter should persuade them to grant your offer that you are the right candidate for the scholarship.

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With this, you’ve made your scholarship application outstanding, point out outstanding qualities, achievements, etc. Certain kind of scholarships is approved by the excellence seen therein.

If you are to present a motivational letter or essay with regard to the scholarship, just make sure that it sounds persuading and devoid of grammatical errors, sentence errors, etc.

Try giving your letter to an editor to proofread and critic before you submit it.


Can you organize and package your application? This can make a difference especially if the application documents are you be sent via post.

Choose envelope size wisely, the resume/CV font type( use clear and formal don’t types), and the overall presentation of your scholarship application package will definitely go along way in determining how the judges will rate you.


You can barely find scholarships that do not ask for references. While applying for a scholarship, make sure to provide credible references or referred, carefully select persons that can vouch for your skills, experience, and qualifications.

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Also, ensure that you give them a heads up on the requirements and qualifications needed so that they can vouch for you in the most effective and convincing manner.


How can you deal with late lines? No! Do not try to submit your application late, late applications end  up not considered. Make sure to send your application within the first few days or weeks of the announcement depending on the specified application period

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