Difference between DSSC and SSC In the Nigerian Army

Difference Between DSSC (Direct Short Service Commission) And SSC (Short Service Combatant Commission) In The Nigerian Army
Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a short term training organized by the Nigerian Army for graduates from different institution in the country.

The training takes a period of 6 Months.

While Short Service Commission (SSC) Is also a short period of training organized for graduates from different institution in the country and it also takes a period of 9 Months.To know more about the DSSC and SSC ,visit the Nigerian army official website https://army.mil.ng

Now where people gets confused is the difference between both of them.Now let me explain the difference between both.
Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Is mainly for those who already have a career that they want to continue in the military.If you have a career and wants to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate, it’s better you go for Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC).What I mean by career is if you are already practicing what you studied in the university or polytechnic.Example is Doctors, Lawyers Accountants Education and many others.

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While Short Service Combatant Commission (SSC) Is mainly for those that wants to be Combatant in the army.They are mainly deployed in the Infantry, Artillery.They are trained for action in the field just like Regular Cadets. They are always in competition with the regular Officers who spend 5 years during their training.So when you want to join the Army as a graduate and wants to be Combatant, it’s better you join through SSC.

Secondly, Those in the DSSC are always passing out with higher grade because of their career they entered with.
Another difference is that of Age.Those in the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) are likely to be older than the SSC.even when applying for both,you will see the difference Also Stated.Those in the DSSC have less years to serve in the army due to the age factor.Most of the DSSC Candidates are mostly old.
Another Advantage of Joining the Army DSSC is that you will become a lieutenant once you pass out from your Training while those of the SSC will pass out with second lieutenant once they pass.

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Though to join the Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC one thing is certain, Which is you need to be a graduate.
If you want to join the Nigerian Army DSSC or SSC, You can read on how to join the Nigerian Army DSSC from the link below.



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