Federal Fire Service (FFS) Ranks And Salary Structure 2021

Federal Fire Service (NFS) Ranks And Salary Structure. Ranks And Salary Structure Of The Federal Fire Service (FFS)
The Federal Fire Service (FFS) has their own different ranks and as well their own salary according to their Organization.

The Federal Fire Service is one of the highest paid organization by the federal government.
Many people has sent message to us asking about the Salary Structure and the ranks of the National Fire Service Officials.

Nigerian Police Force Ranks And Salary

Some people who wish to join this service don’t know much about it and that is why we have taken this step to enlighten our readers in the questions which they have been asking.
Whether you are an SSCE Holder BSC or HND ,You are all accepted into the service.
Why I love them most is that they do pay well.

National Fire Service (NFS) Ranks And Salary Structure
In this post we will talk about the Salary Structure and the ranks. As we have been always doing, we break it down in a manner that it will be so easy for someone to understand easily.

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Federal Fire Service (FFS) Ranks And Salary Structure

1. N1,407,448 – Chief Inspector (CI)
2. N1,328,294 – Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)
3. N1,262,039 – Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)
4. N1,153,589 – Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)
5. N1,068,476 – Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)
6. N787,896 – Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)
7. N558,397 – Marshal Inspector II (MI-II).
8. N373,842 – Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)
9. N967,791 – Chief Fire Marshal Assistant (CFMA).

The Federal Fire Service Ranks and Salary are as Stated Above.
Note that there is also a little difference between problem in the same rank.

Someone who has been an assistant chief inspector for 4 years won’t be having the same salary with the one that just been promoted to the rank that year.

There must be a little different between them. But what we gave you above is the main salary of each rank immediately after you are giving the rank.

For more information about the FFS visit their official website  https://fedfire.gov.ng/



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