DIFFICULT PEOPLE: Be as kind as you think, you would always have toxic people around, I mean, runners; people who would make the workplace miserable.

keep a distance relationship with them. Give them a gap they won’t imagine. Good morning is very okay to say and move.

DON’T INTRUDE IN THEIR AFFAIRS: Not intruding toxic people affairs helps you stay out of their lane. They may be wondering why you don’t talk about their success or anything, or even engage in petty gossip, it is the distance you’ve given to them.

AVOID THEM: Yes! People avoid people, but the question is, how are you going to avoid people you work with or even sit with in the same office? Well, all you have to do is give them a gap that they won’t imagine.

BE BOLD AND CONFIDENT: There’s nothing great as being able to be you without being afraid of toxic people, even in front of your boss. Being bold is just the thing to avoid difficult people.

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COMPLIMENT THEM WHEN NECESSARY: it is very okay to tell someone oh, I like your wristwatch, or oh! I like the smell of your deodorant, it makes the person glee in perfection. You could do this to a toxic person, this is called life hyping, they will feel you re beginning to be close with them, not knowing you just want them to understand that there’s need for them to be a bit flexible.

CREATE EFFECTIVE SELF ESTEEM FOR YOURSELF: Self-esteem helps chase insults, less toxic people, less bulshit. Once you respect yourself where toxic people are, you won’t get to notice them and their disgusting habits.

These will enable you to stay out of toxic people, and avoiding them won’t be a problem, in as much as you are avoiding them, don’t overdo it.

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