JOB INTERVIEW: A job is an appointment or obligation you get when you meet up criteria. Now before the job, there’s what is called the pre_job, this is more of an interview.

Basically, you have to attend an interview before a job.

Before going for an interview, the employee must carry in mind the kind of impression he/ she intends to give out.

In anything, first impression matters, what people perceive you as at first gives a positive or negative mindset. Thus, you must make sure you carry a good impression at heart in order not to ruin your interview or probably lost a job.

BE SUBMISSIVE: Hasty act can turn out to be drastic, you cannot afford to bump into someone and fall off a cup of tea just because you want to handshake them. As an applicant, take cognizance, the mood to use when you want to exchange pleasantries, observe people moments before addressing them.

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STAND UNTILL YOU ARE ASK TO SIT: Apparently, everybody carries their policy, you wouldn’t like to be yelled at, especially by a rude boss. Once you step a foot into the room/ office, let your manager ask you to sit down before doing that. That again shows that you are composed.

BE MILD: Be mild in the sense that you don’t need to carry a heavy face wrinkled like Cloth. That shouldn’t mean you should be over-serious. No, be mild, like smile using your cheek, give charming facial expression in order to win your boss’s attention.

This method sometimes works, it works because people want to see with the brighter side of you or the bitter side.
In all, endeavor to give the brighter side of you, it will really help and ease you from a mental disorder.

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