How To Join The U.S Marine From Nigeria 2021

How To Join The U.S Marine From Nigeria is one of the questions my readers always ask. If you are Foreign born and wants to become a United States Marine, You will need to enter the Country Legally, Obtain resident alien status and then visit a Recruiter. The marines only take those that do well on the Armed service vocational aptitude test .So applicant must study thoroughly before Applying.

How To Join The U.S Marine In Nigeria

Joining the U.S marine from Nigeria has the same procedure of joining the U.S Army. To join the Nigerian Army or Joining the Nigerian Navy is a little bit easier than joining the United States Army or Marine because of their requirements. Since you are not from U.S, You may find it a little bit difficult to join the United states Marine as a Nigerian.

In this post we are going to break it down steps by steps on how to join the United States Marine from Nigeria, The requirements Needed and Their Salary Structure.
Join The U.S Marine From NigeriaThe U.S marine is one of the Best marine in the world that is why many people from other countries always join the U.S Marine from their countries. Apart from being one of the best, They are also the most paid Marine in the world. Each year about 2,000 non citizens join the US Marine. A 2011 study found that roughly 2% of US Marine are non citizens.
 US Marine has has a number of qualifications you must meet in order to serve in the Marine Corps.

Requirements To Join The U.S Marine From Nigeria

  1. Only those between the Age of 19 and 29 are qualified to join the United States Marine Corps.
  2. You also must have possessed high school diploma.
  3. You must be Medically, Mentally and Physically fit.
  4. Resident aliens are are authorised to enlist in U.S Marines but officer commissions is limited to citizens.

Salary schedule for U.S Marines

1.E1-E3 (Private)

2.E4-E5(A rank above Lance Corporal)

3.Staff Nco’s(Staff Sergent)

4.Warrant officers.

All depends on Your grade.

To join the U.S marine,Visit


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