How To Know A Bad Boss


He can be a C.E.O of a company, a planner, a coordinator, and instructor, or apparently, anyone who gives orders in an organization, office, etc.
He is also the head of a company or organization.

Now, the question is, WHAT MAKES A BAD BOSS?

He can have an intrinsic disgusting behavior, not necessarily coming from the position he holds. He can intentionally be an aggressive and irate person.

A BAD BOSS IS UNNECESSARILY JUDGMENTAL: When you see a bad boss, it starts with; you this lady or man, you just like coming to work late. He wouldn’t want to see other days you’ve been perfect, just the one-day lateness will make him say trash and disheartening words to you.

He judges unnecessarily.

HE IS DISCRIMINATIVE: he is selective in the sense of treating people unequally or unfairly ranging from racism, education, backgrounds, etc. He chooses people that soothes or align with his kind of person.

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A BAD BOSS IS LOVES POCKNOSERS: Yes! That’s what bad bosses do, they love people who tell them what is going on in the company or organization between staffs, these people are known as pock nosers. They either want the boss I see them as being good or fair, meanwhile in the actual sense they want appraisal from the boss.

A BAD BOSS FAILS TO COMMUNICATE: How does anyone ever feel if they don’t get the right kind of information? Well, to me, they will feel blank and totally left out! he doesn’t communicate information all round, perhaps; they fail to take up competency to leave a message to get staff other tutor staff on what to do.

Whether he is busy or not, he/she must give his staff equal treat, fairness, tutoring in terms of the company’s do’s and dont’s. Do not fail to be a good boss regardless.

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