How to Register Your Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission

what is the essence of having a business without a business name, having a business with a business name is just like giving birth to a child without giving that particular child a name.

it is even worse than that. Nigeria is among the country that is into business and recently the government has spoken on how bad it is to venture into business /authenticate business without the right legacy.

It is also important to know that private business in Nigeria is different from the one in charge of corporate business. The company responsible for registering a business in Nigeria is the corporate affairs commission (CAC)


• CONDUCT A NAME SEARCH: this is actually the first step to follow, this done to find our of the intending business name has been registered before by another organization. It can be achieved by using one’s CAC-CRP account.

• FILL REGISTRATION FORM: the next thing that comes to your mind after finding a comfortable business name is to register it. While registering it, ensure to fill the form correctly and probably run a thorough check on it before submission.

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• PAY FILING FEE: endeavor to find out from the right source the amount or the money involved in registering a business name. you should also remember that there could be other little charges to pay with respect to the certificate of incorporation, ensure you pay to the right bank to avoid paying twice.

• Make your registration access portal private, guided, and personal for personal reasons.
• It is not advisable to share your password or security questions with anybody, in case you notice any issue while logging in, kindly use E-mail.
• Whenever you forget your password, always use the forgotten password on the portal.
It is very important to get your brand registered for security and other reasons.

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