Military Life is a good Life to Live.
But it requires courage to be a military Man.
If you want to be a Military Man and you are thinking about Relaxation, then you are not ready and have not made up your mind.
Joining the military is just to serve your country, and nothing more. Don’t think that you are going to have the whole money in the bank in your pocket.It doesn’t work like that. You willingly joined just to protect your father Land.
Don’t think because you are so stubborn than Military is where you can go and show stubbornness.military is a place where highest discipline is Maintained,You can see how military men takes and obey order.
It’s not a place to show stupidity, its a place that needs humbleness.
Though in the military you will have many good things coming your way.
You are the number one citizen,
You protect the country from any external aggression or War.
It’s a good place to be because you will be recognized in the whole world.
It makes you become smarter and wiser.
No Intimidation from some people who always looks for who to Intimidate.
Know that you won’t always have time of your own,
You are serving your country, so your country first.
Government takes care of you from the first day you join the Military.
From that day you sighed your form to join the Military, that’s the day you have made up your mind to be an Obedient citizen.
You will be example to others because you are number one citizen and other people are looking at you to Show them the way.
You are going to be remembered the whole of your life either dead or alive.
You will be a great Man even if some people will not see that.
Military Life is a Good life to Live.

Military Life.

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