NDLEA Recruitment Form Application Portal

NDLEA Recruitment Form Application Portal

Some people who are interested in joining the NDLEA Has been asking for The Recruitment Application Portal.
Today am going to share with you the NDLEA Official website and Recruitment website.
But before you apply for the NDLEA, you have to know the Qualifications which is needed for you to be able to join the NDLEA.

NDLEA Recruitment Form Application Portal

There is a process and law which is abiding the Application of NDLEA.
Before you apply for the NDLEA,you must be a Nigerian.

You must also not be more than 35 years and not less than 22 years.

NDLEA Recruitment Application Portal

You will make sure you are not a drug addict in any way because you are to be tested before accepting you into the training and will continue testing you even after the training.

You must not have committed any criminal offense or been charged to any court of law.

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You must be medically mentally physically fit and must be proven by a medical doctor from a recognized hospital.

You must have a good Character and also have 2 referee to stand for you that you are of a good Character.

Rules while applying for NDLEA Application Form

Make sure you fill in all the required information during the registration.

Make sure to give accurate and correct information, because any attempt to give false information will get you disqualified automatically.

Make sure you use a valid email address and a phone number also Incase there is any need for them to reach you.
Make sure you submit your application online after registration and print out the necessary documents.

If you wish to Apply For the NDLEA, You can only do that in their Recruitment website at

If want to visit the NDLEA Official website,you can also visit their Official website at

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