NDLEA Salary Structure And Ranks 2021

NDLEA Salary Structure And Ranks
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Salary Structure And Ranks is just like many other agencies in Nigeria.
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency salary is based on Level which you are placed after joining the Agency.

Those who Joined the Service with Bachelors Degrees are placed at Level 8.
For those who Joined with HND are placed at Level 7. The ones that are in level 8 tend to have higher ranks and salary while the ones in the Level 7 are to receive Lower money and ranks also.
The same thing applies to ND and SSSC Holders.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Salary Structure is always updated here each time there is any changes or any update in the salary structure.
Now lets go down to the ranks and salary breakdown.

NDLEA ranks and salary

Also not that there is also something called step in their rankings and Step.You may be in the same rank with your colleague and he will be receiving salary more than you,the reason is because he may be in step 2 while you are in step 1.
Those who are in step 2 are those who has spent many years in the same rank they posses.
We are going to calculate their annual and monthly salary.

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NDLEA Salary Structure And Ranks

The annual salary paid to NDLEA B.sc holder who is in Grade Level 8 Step 1 is about ₦1,014,815
while for Grade Level 8 Step 2 is about ₦1,034,397.

This amount includes all their allowances.

This simply means that the total salary Paid to this level is calculated:

The ones who are in Level 8 step 1 the calculation is the CONPASS which is₦898,956 and the Rent Allowance which is about ₦125,879 so when you sum them up,you will be having about ₦1,034,805 (total annual salary). i.e ₦93,733 every monthly.

Then the Salary for HND holders who are placed on Grade Level 7 Step 1 is ₦673,297.

Level 7 step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance | ₦493,014 + ₦98,273.9 = ₦ 573,287 total annual salary. That is about ₦48,773 each month

Please note that these salary may defer from the actual paid amount as it an estimation from the information from an NDLEA a staff.

You can also visit the NDLEA Official website for more information about the Agency www.ndlea.gov.ng

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The Salary Structure And Ranks in NDLEA is just to let you know approximately amount you will be expecting as a monthly salary when you join the Agency.

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