Nigerian Army Recruitment Requirements 2021/2022

The Nigerian Army Recruitment Requirements are the criteria that you need to meet up before you can be enlisted into the Nigerian Army. It has Remained the same for some years now,just that every year, one thing or the other might be added or removed.
The Recruitment is done once in a year or Twice in a year.

This requirements is for the recruitment and not for those who are joining the Nigerian army DSSC or SSC.

You can read about the Nigeria Army DSSC/SSC requirements

If you are a graduate,you can read on how to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate

Also Note that there is a little difference between DSSC and SSC in the Nigerian Army.

Below are the requirements you need to meet up before you can be enlisted into the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Requirements

Nigerian Army Recruitment Requirements

1.You Must be A Nigerian by Birth.
2.You Must Be physically and mentally fit.
3.You must have Finished your Secondary school because you have to present your O,Level certificate be it Waec,Neco or Gce.
4.You must have your Letter of Indegine from your state House or Local Government certificate of Origin.
5.You must Not be an ex convict,Which simply means you have to be free from any kind of criminal case or related crimes.
6.You Must make sure that You have your primary school certificates and Secondary school certificate as well.
7.You must be between the Age of 18 and 22years at the period of Applying.

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8.You must Not be less than 1.65m for Males and 1.56m for Females.
9.You must attend the zonal screening Exercise at the designated zonal center for your State.
Note that it might not be in your state, it can be in the Neighboring State.
10.You must have your birth certificate or declaration of Age from Any Court in the Country.

To register, simply visit to register.

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