Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2021,How Much A Nigerian Soldier Is Paid

Nigerian Army Salary Structure How much a Nigerian Army Personnel is paid is what some people has been wanting to know, in this post, we we are going to break it down how much a Soldier in the Army is Paid.

Firstly you have to know that there are different ranks in the Army and salary is paid according to the rank you are. People that just joined the army as recruit are to have lesser salary the the people that are commissioned.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

The commissioned officers the the ones that pass through Nigerian Defence Academy NDA and were commissioned by the chief in commander of the Armed Forces.

The Nigerian Army Recruit are the ones that spent a period of training in the Nigerian Army Training School.

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The Nigerian Army Ranks is classified into two groups. The other Ranks and the Commissioned officers. So the Salary structure is also classified into two. The Nigerian Army Structure is As below.

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Nigerian Army Ranks And Salary Structure 2021

 For the Non Commissioned Officers 

  1. Private Soldier – #48,009
  2. Lance Corporal – #53,009
  3. Coporal – #58,009
  4. Sergeant – #63,009
  5. Staff Sergeant – #80,009
  6. Warrant Officer – #90,009
  7. Master Warrant Officer – #120,009
  8. Army Warrant Officer – #150,009

For the Commissioned officers 

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  1. Second Lieutenant – #160,000
  2. Lieutenant – #180,000
  3. Captain – #220,000
  4. Major – #300,000
  5. Lieutenant Colonel – #350,000
  6. Colonel – #550,000
  7. Brigadier General (1 Star General) – #750,000
  8. Major General (2 Star General) – #950,000
  9. Lieutenant General (3 Star General) – 1 Million
  10. General (4 Star General) – 1.5 Million.

There is still one rank remaining which is the field Marshall. No one has reached the Rank in the Army so it’s always assumed that it’s the president who is also the commander in chief of the Armed Forces that bears the rank.

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If you want to read more about the Nigerian Army, Please visit The Nigerian Army Official website

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