Ways to Make a Good Impression at Workplace

WORKPLACE: It is always said the first impression matters a lot, yes of course, but the good one, making a good impression or impact everywhere you find yourself, especially your workplace is an added advantage to you. A good impression can make your boss and colleagues rely on you to do a great job. When you have been able to win their trust with the kind of impression you create, then you will begin to receive greater responsibility which may result in promotions and a raise as well.


  • USE PROPER WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE: this may sound very simple and casual to you, until you realize that some people have completely forgotten their manners, for example, if you are given the opportunity to use your cell phone during work, you should be able to differentiate between important calls and a personal call,
  • FACE UP YOUR MISTAKES: nobody is actually above mistake, it happens to everyone, but the way you handle a blunder will either lave a good or a bad impression. The first thing is to accept your mistakes, don’t try to ignore your mistakes and put blames on anyone else. Try to figure out a possible way to fix the problem, these steps will calm everyone that is upset down.
  • CALL WHEN YOU ARE SICK AND TAKE PERMISSION: in as much as you are working to impress your, boss, coming to the office to spread disease or be less productive during work hours will not be a good sight to your employer. Always call on time to inform whoever is involved in your absence.
  • COME THROUGH IN A CRISIS: this is where your boss might rate your importance in the organization, always learn how to helps and solve workplace prices quickly and effectively, this will increase your importance and value in the organization.
  • AVOID CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS: some people love argument, please once you are at your workplace, controversial topics that can make other employees uncomfortable should be kept aside, for instance talking about football, politics, and religion can lead to an unnecessary argument, which is too bad for an organization.
  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY: most of the organizations have a dressing code, it will be nice to dress like others with a neat and clean appearance. Always make sure that your clothes and footwears are in good condition, because the way you dress, id the way you will be addressed.
  • RESPECT YOUR COWORKERS; there should be maximum respect among workers in an organization in other to increase productivity. Always apologize when necessary, be on time when you are relieving someone from their shift and finally, don’t try to play smart by taking credit for another person’s work. These are some of the things that might lead to disrespect in an organization.
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