What To Do Before Or After A Job Interview

No matter how long you have been attending a job interview, you will definitely feel a little bit tensed therefore, It is sacrosanct, to carry a manner of flexibility, jovialness, and seriousness.

You cannot afford to lose a lifetime of opportunity and great acquaintance. All you have to do is; have a good-looking appearance, composure, and poise.


THE PREREQUISITE: Before and interview, you need not be scared because the chances of getting a job is always either 50/50 or slim prior to your competence or abilities to ascertain the criteria.

All you need to do is, get prepared when a text or call is sent to you.

Be calm when the strange number calls because it might be the manager or Secretary of the firm or organization.

Do not end the call after the call.

Endeavor to send your resume, CVS in time.

Feel confident while answering the phone call

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Make sure all your qualifications are given to the manager before time.

SENSE OF DRESSING: well it is said that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, so you don’t need to be told that your dressing is the first thing that your interviewer takes notice of. it is very advisable to look neet and smart, smell nice and apply a very light makeup ( for ladies).

BE COMPOSED WHILE WAITING FOR THE INTERVIEWER: In the lobby or wait for space where every interviewee sits, you must be composed and put off all mannerisms and busy self in order not to be disqualified at a first impression.

Fewer phone calls and use of phone. You can choose to have pleasantries without getting too much acquainted until after the interview. composing your self prior to the interview involves taking note of all your work and office etiquette, talk less, and observe more.

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BE BOLD AND BREEZY: When it’s your turn to go into the interview room, I know you will be tensed and even panting; but don’t let it be obvious to the manager.

Don’t sit when you are not asked to,

Don’t interrupt the manager when he is asking you questions,

If the manager asks you brain puzzling questions, make sure you give a rethink before answering so you won’t end up giving nasty hasty replies.

At the end of the interview, don’t forget to say a thank you and give a mild smile while leaving.
It shows credibility and joviality.

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