What To Do When You Get Promotion Without A Raise

PROMOTION: The sound of it is not pleasant at all, but then there thins you should take home with you. There are several things to do when you are offered a promotion without a raise, at the same time you should know that promotions are generally very good for your career, whether it comes with a rise or not because it is specifically beneficial to your career in the long term, it can also show how valuable you are to the company.

Before talking about what to do if you get promoted without a rise, let us talk about what happens when you eventually get promoted.

When you get promoted, you will automatically get additional responsibilities, that is to say, that you may begin to work on more interesting projects or even manage other people or projects..

When you are promoted, you will be able to apply for senior jobs in other companies, grow your skills and experience, (because of the additional responsibilities) and finally, you will automatically be visible at the company.

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The name alone is so offensive, I mean, how can you be promoted, with additional responsibility without an increment of salary? Here are the reasons :

  • IT’S A SIGN THAT YOU ARE PERFORMING WELL: this is no doubt a way that a company or a firm to  let you know that you are performing well
  • YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKRN ON THE DUTIES THAT ACCOMPANY THE TITLE: this simply means that you may organically have taken the responsibilities of the new title, that is to say, that the title is new, but the work did not change.
  • THE COMPANY IS NOT FLUSH: this is a very important aspect, it simply entails that you may be doing great, but then the company may not be performing well, so in this kind of situation, the employer may want to give you a raise, but can not.
  • INTERNAL POLICIES: this could mean that your earnings/salary is already at the top of the salary range for your current position and the new proposal title. Some companies also have rigid rules and guidelines regarding when to increase worker’s pay.
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  • TAKE YOUR TIME: when you find yourself in this kind of situation, you don’t need to make decisions instantly, take your time to talk to whoever that is in charge, but then you should start by expressing gratitude for the offer before asking your question. The answer you will get must be included in what I listed above.
  • RESEARCH COMPENSATION: people might have been in the position before you, you can start off by asking them, if they were compensated or not, you can as well use research sites like Glassdoor and Payscale to find information.
  • DETERMINE YOUR NEXT STEP: you might be asking what our next step should be, this depends on the situation you find the company’s offer, the steps include
  • Take the offer, but ask to visit your salary at a specific level and date.
  • Establish milestone
  • Negotiate a meeting

You may consider taking the offer, because of the added advantage, not just the pay.

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